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29 november, 2021 | Rättsvetenskap

Julian Nowag

Ragnar Söderberg Associate Senior Lecturer in Law, 2017


Lunds universitet


EU-rätt – ett flertal projekt inom EU-rätt
samt Konkurrens- och arbetsrätt – delningsekonomins inverkan på konkurrens- och arbetsrätt.

My research fields are currently European Union law, competition law and constitutional principles relating to the democratic order. I am particularly interested in how EU and national constitutional requirements, such as accountability, interact with competition law. This interest is the basis for a larger research project over the next 3-4 years which has received funding from the competition authority and is entitled: ‘Economics and Value Judgment: Between Accountability and Independence of Competition Agencies’. Over the course of the next 3-4 years, I will however also be working on a number of smaller research projects and aim at starting a developing a new larger project.


The smaller research projects will examine the sharing economy and its implication for the interaction between competition and labour law, the role of public policy arguments in the constitutional framework of the EU, target enforcement of the internal market rules as a tool in the current rule of law crisis in Poland/Hungary, and a project under Lund’s samverkansinitiativ. Finally, within the four-year, a new larger project should be developed. This project aims to explore EU law and its interaction with charities and non-profits.

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