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15 december, 2015 | Speciella satsningar

Henrik Johansson

Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant Fellow 2015


Uppsala universitet


2 800 000 kr / år i upp till fem år


The Kinematic Algebra Underlying Quantum Gravity and Quantum Chromodynamics

My research strives towards obtaining better mathematical descriptions for high-energy collisions (scattering amplitudes) between elementary particles or even strings. New mathematical formulations of fundamental processes can lead to a better understanding of the theories that describe our universe: e.g. the theory of gravity and other established theories known as gauge theories — describing the strong and electroweak forces of the Standard Model of particle physics. By studying the mathematical details of scattering amplitudes in these theories, I have found that there exists an underlying Lie algebra that controls the kinematical variables. However, as of today, no complete mathematical description of this algebra is known. A goal of my research is to find this complete description.


Henrik Johansson was awarded a Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant (SFSG) 2015.

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