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20 april, 2022 | Speciella satsningar

15 young scholars from Sweden awarded funding to attend annual summer meeting with Nobel Laureates

Held on the island of Lindau by Lake Constance in southern Germany each summer, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings bring around 30–40 Nobel Laureates in dialogue with the next generation of researchers from all over the world.

The meetings alternate in theme between the Nobel disciplines of physiology and medicine, physics, chemistry, and economic sciences, with an interdisciplinary edition held every five years. Since its launch in 1951, these meetings have become highly appreciated by Nobel Laureates and young scientists alike. Although it may be a literally once-in-a-lifetime experience, participants form a community as permanent members of the Lindau Alumni Network that advocates ambassadorship for scientific dialogue in line with the meetings’ objective to “educate, inspire and connect”.

As the Swedish academic partner since 2019, Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse invites young scholars to apply for fully funded participational grants to attend the annual Lindau Meetings via an open call. The applications are assessed by a panel of members from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences who nominate a shortlist of candidates to the scientific review panel appointed by the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings in charge of making the final selection of participants to each meeting.


We are happy to present the list of delegates from Swedish universities who will be attending the 2022 meetings with co-funding provided by Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse and the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings:


The 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (Chemistry)
26 June – 1 July 2022

Schangzi Chen, Postdoc, Linköping University

Victor Gray, Researcher (Postdoc at time of application), Uppsala University
Boy Lankhaar, Postdoc, Chalmers University of Technology

Melania Kozdra, PhD student, Uppsala University

Zhaojun Li, Postdoc, Uppsala University

Ofentse Makgae, Postdoc, Lund University

Agnes Moe, PhD student, Stockholm University

Francoise Mystere Noa, Postdoc, Chalmers University of Technology

Johannes Ludwig Röckl, Postdoc, Royal Institute of Technology

Yunqi Shao, PhD student, Uppsala University

Aleksandar Tot, Postdoc, Royal Institute of Technology


The 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences
23 – 27 August 2022 (was postponed due to covid-19 pandemic)

Katarina Warg, PhD candidate, Stockholm School of Economics

Yingjie Qi, (was Postdoc, Stockholm School of Economics at time of application, currently Assistant Prof. at Copenhagen Business School)

Zahra Hashemzadeh, PhD student, Lund University

Danial Akbari, PhD student, Lund University

Olle Hammar, Postdoc, Uppsala University, Institute for Future Studies, Research Institute of Industrial Economics


“We are excited to grant the opportunity for these budding researchers to engage in the unique forum for exchange across generations, cultures, and disciplines which the Lindau meetings offer”, says Anna Wetterbom, CEO of Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse. ”We hope that the experience will inspire them in their work and career paths ahead.”

Meet two of the delegates:

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Katarina Warg, PhD candidate
Stockholm School of Economics

Foremost research interest: Entrepreneurial finance and the financing of innovation

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Lindau Meeting?
“To participate in stimulating lectures and seminars — meeting, learning from, and exchanging ideas with both other young economists who, like me, are at the beginning of their academic careers, as well as the Nobel Laureates.”

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Victor Gray, Researcher,
Dept. of Chemistry, Uppsala University

Foremost research interest: New materials for solar energy applications

How did you hear about the call?
“Through a colleague and mentor when I was a PhD student. I was then reminded by a departmental wide e-mail during my post doc at Uppsala University that applications for the next chemistry meeting were open.

What are you most excited about ahead of the meeting this summer?
”I look forward to meeting other people with a genuine interest in chemistry and science, a lot of fun and interesting discussion, and of course being inspired from some of the world’s greatest minds.”


Young scholars, regardless of nationality, based at Swedish universities are invited to apply to attend the annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings as part of the Swedish delegation.


Successful applicants’ participation will be funded in full by Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse and the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.



71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (Chemistry)
Call closed.
Event date: 26 June–1 July 2022

7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences
Call closed. Event date: 23–27 August 2022 (postponed due to pandemic)

The future meeting calendar is available on the official site of the meetings (link).



The call is open to undergraduates, PhD students, and post-doc researchers the based at Swedish Universities who display excellence in their principal field of study, i.e. in the chemical sciences and related disciplines.



Applications are administered and reviewed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. A limited number of candidates will be nominated from Sweden to the Lindau Review Panel which makes the final selection of participants.



Application criteria and guidelines will be posted in conjunction with the next open call.

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